Understanding and Using the GAMSAT Preparation Course Effectively

When one wants to join medical school in the United Kingdom or Australia, students have to take the Australian Medical Schools Admission Test to enter the dental or medical programs. This is administered by the Australian council for Educational Research (ACER). To ensure the candidate gets a higher chance of getting into the program, one needs to use the GAMSAT preparation course to ensure they had what is takes to pass the test. This is very important as it gives individuals information on the registration process i.e. where it is held and when so that one does not miss the opportunity to join med school.

One also gets to know the right ways to get ready for the exam as it is usually difficult and students need to be very cautions if they want to score highly. GAMSAT Preparation This is usually designed to test the quantitative and qualitative reasoning skills that one can showcase under pressure.

Sections of the Exam
It has 3 sections and the first deals with reasoning in social sciences and humanities where a student’s ability to critically interpret, make judgments, and analyze a wide range of written media that includes essays, poetry, graphs, tables, logic puzzles and prose is tested. For one to have an easy time with the section, the GAMSAT preparation course recommends that one should get familiar with extensive vocabulary and complex tests.

The second section deals with written communication that tests the students writing capabilities. Here the candidates are normally given quotes and they are supposed to write an essay on each.

The third section deals with the candidates reasoning when it comes to physical and biological sciences. This covers many topics like chemistry, biology, physics and organic chemistry. This usually requires one to have knowledge that is equivalent to first year university for the sciences or has attended year 12. One does not need to cram formulas and facts as it deals purely with reasoning. Individuals therefore need to understand the basic concepts of the sciences to excel in the paper. It is important to be comfortable in all sections and be familiar with how they interrelate to have a smooth time doing the paper.

The Exam Day
The GAMSAT preparation course also gives the students the direction they are supposed to take on the actual day of the exam. This ensures that one is able to take the test without any complications. Candidates are supposed to ensure they get enough rest on the eve of the examination day. It is also important to get to the venue minutes before the paper starts to give the students ample time to wait for it without any problems. Some of the supplies that one needs to brings along include: 2 reliable blue or black pens, 3 HB pencils, calculator that cannot be programmed, sharper, eraser, water bottle, packed lunch if there is no food at the venue, form of identity and the admission ticket.