Wood Burning Stove Dealers Guide

Wood burning stove dealers are corporate or privately owned businesses that are experts in the sale, installation and service of wood burning stoves or fireplace inserts and the products that pertain to this type of heating system.

The company that you seek out to do business with should consists of a professional, well educated sales staff, factory trained and certified technicians and salesmen who know what they are talking about as opposed to just trying to make a sale.

Wood burners come in two different kinds. You can buy one that slips into a fireplace that already exists, or you can purchase the stand-alone type. drolet escape 1500 reviews Some wood burners are made to heat with wood logs and others are made to heat with wood pellets.

If you are interested in purchasing a fireplace insert, you will need to know how to install it into the fireplace. It is relatively easy to do. The wood burning stove dealer can give you a few pointers, if you need them. They basically slide into the fireplace and use the chimney, as the wood stove’s exhaust. Make sure the fireplace chimney is clean and free of debris or you may start a fire in the wrong place!

Wood stoves are made out of cast iron and work the same way as a fireplace. The wood stove will need a chimney. It may be best to have this done by a professional. Wood burning stoves need to be used with the same caution as a fireplace. You should not take any chances with a fire hazard.

Pellet burning stoves can be bought from a wood burning stove dealers. They burn the same as a wood stove but they may not have as lovely of a flame or have the same smell as a wood burner. Some people like that, some people do not like that. It just depends on what you really want in a wood burner stove.

A wood burner may be best to use in a country setting. This is because many cities have regulation on the air quality control and may not allow certain things to be burned in a wood burner. Check your city’s regulation before you purchase your wood burner stove. The wood burning stove dealer you buy your from might already have the information you need. If they do not, you can contact the local courthouse or maybe even the fire department.