This Makes You Laugh From The Beginning To The End

Everyone likes to watch a perfect entertainment movie that will make you laugh. Such movies can make you feel better even if you are in a bad mood or have depression. If you are looking for one such Telugu movie, you can watch Swathi Muthyam. It is an interesting movie with a good story that will surely make you laugh from the beginning to the end.

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The cast of the movie Swathi Muthyam

The central cast members of the movie Swathi Muthyam are Bellamkonda Ganesh Babu and Varsha Bollama, who play Bala and Baghyalakshmi. The other main cast members are Rao Ramesh, Naresh, Vennela Kishore, and Goparuju Ramana.

Swathi Muthyam Movie Review: An entertaining film which relies heavily on  situational humour

What can you expect from the movie Swathi Muthyam?

Swathi Muthyam is a perfect entertainment film that will make you laugh from the beginning to the end. The film’s main character, Bala, is a childlike-hearted – pure-hearted person. He creates a lot of comedy parts in this movie because of his naivety. The real trouble appears in front of him when doctor Shailaja informs him about his baby.

The story is about Bala trying to solve this problem of misunderstanding with his family and lover, Bhagyalakshmi. He faces a lot of trouble while finding a solution; most of them are plotted or made as the best comedy scenes in this movie.

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