What Are The Prices To Replace A Window?

Your home’s windows may get replaced, which may seem like a big task. It is essential to assess the kind, quality, and window replacement san antonio in order to more clearly understand the expected costs. The cost to replace a mid-range double-hung window is around $600, but it may be anything from $200 to $1,200.

Determine the price of replacing windows.

  • You should consider a number of factors that may impact your labour and material costs.
  • A typical double-hung vinyl window replacement san antonio might cost between $600 and $950, including labour that could cost between $100 and $300.
  • The typical compensation for a contractor or window installer is about $40 per hour.
  • Depending on how well they are installed and maintained, Windows can last 15 to 25 years.
  • Average up to 71% to 78% percent return at resale window replacement projects also have one of the highest cost-to-value returns of any remodelling project you may take on.

Prices by Window Frame Type:

The most significant influence on price and appearance will come from the material you select for your window replacements. The material will influence your brand options as well as long-term maintenance costs.


Aluminium windows are the least expensive because of their less flexible designs, although they are rarely used in residential settings. Due to their tendency to be less efficient and well-insulated than materials like wood or vinyl, they are difficult to market. Aluminium frames are excellent for the modern homeowner on a tight budget, with initial prices ranging from $100 to $400 per window unit.


The most classic material, wood, is ideal for conventional buildings. In factual neighbourhoods, it may even occasionally be necessary. It is also one of the most expensive options, with window units costing between $300 and $600 per. However, the type of wood used can affect these prices. Wood windows require the most maintenance since they require periodic repairs and finish touch-ups to retain their integrity.


PVC polymers and wood fibres are combined to create composite windows, which can compare to vinyl windows. Giving you the best of both worlds, they blend energy efficiency and vinyl with many of the same decorative options as wood. Once built, they typically cost $500 to $800 extra per unit upfront.


The list’s final item is the fibreglass window. Although they are a bit more sturdy, fibreglass windows are comparable to vinyl windows in terms of robustness, energy efficiency, and visual diversity. Despite this, their hefty price, which runs from $800 to $1,200 per unit, prevents them from being extremely common.

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